Internal Audit & Restructuring Corporate Services

Accounts Supervise provides internal audit services in Dubai, UAE for the smooth running of your business, identifying gridlocks in each level of operation and mitigation factors to overcome risks and guide the organization to attain the goals.

Internal Audit experts at Accounts Supervise offer customizable services to drive strategic value for your business through comprehensive professional services.

Certified & Trustworthy Internal Auditors In UAE

Internal Auditing is a sovereign, objective declaration and consulting activity intended to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It helps an organization achieve its objectives through a methodical and controlled approach to assess and advance the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

The internal audit activity provides the assurance services that the current internal controls are adequate to alleviate the risks, the power processes are active and effectual, and the organizational goals and aims are fulfilled.

Internal auditing in Dubai and UAE covers a wide range of services including conducting financial, performance, compliance, system security, and due diligence audits.  Finding a professional internal auditor in UAE is the finest solution for all your issues related to the internal auditing of your business.

Accounts Supervise has a team of qualified internal auditors in UAE, which provides internal audit services in Dubai and all over the UAE by ensuring all services related to internal audit are being properly planned and implemented by our internal audit team. The internal audit focuses on finding out the bottleneck areas in each level of operation, mitigating factors to overcome the lack of control, and guiding the organization to reach the objectives.

Why Businesses Should Opt ForInternal Audit Services?

Given below are some of the several benefits of conducting internal auditing in your organization.

1. Acquiescence

Internal audit service ensures a thorough examination of the operations and their acquiescence with the set standards. It gives a better decision on the mistakes taking place in a process that can disturb the quality of the finished product later.

2. Establishment of Standards

The internal audit found some new reference points and benchmarks for the company and its workforce to follow. These benchmarks are used as a standard to measure the achievements of a process. Taking for granted the external factors, internal auditors may amend the existing standards and benchmarks for better presentation.

3. Thorough Knowledge

Since the internal auditors are certified consultants, they have improved knowledge of all the issues either on industrial level or in general; so, they can provide better resolutions for those issues, which the in-house auditors may not recognize. Hence, the internal auditor helps to improve the efficiency of the operations and mitigate the risks and negative impression of the organization.

4. Dispassionate Assessment

An impartial appraisal is provided by the outsourced independent auditor that results in the production of new ideas and suggestions for better presentation, mitigation of risks, and control within a company. An independent auditor evaluates every employee and their concert and helps them to work competently.

5. Better Administration

An internal audit ensures more effective management of the company. The internal auditor can point out any fragility of the company in the operations or internal controls of the company. These insights help the management to improve the chances of attaining their goals.

6. Constant Analysis

The process of internal audit ensures a constant review of the performances in the current year itself. Since they don’t want to wait for the end of the year to review the company’s performance and find that they are out of the path, they can change the actions and correct their errors proximately.

7. Improvement of Staff Performance

The constant internal auditing makes the staff of the company vigilant and vigorous because of the fear that their mistakes will be detected and revealed by the internal auditor almost immediately. This helps them progress their competence and concert. Also, they will be scared to defraud the company for the same reasons. At the same time, it is a good morale booster for true workforces.

8. Guarantees the Best Use of Resources

Internal audit promotes the best use of resources. It helps to identify the areas in which resources are being underutilized or unexploited so that it is easy to get them corrected on time. Hence, it helps the management control the costs and expenses properly.

9. Dissection of Labour

Internal audit helps promote the dissection of work. Division of labor will help the management to keep a check on and perceive the activities of all the departments and all of their employees.

Various Types Of Internal Audits We Offer

Performance Audits- They are comprehensive reviews addressing issues related to effectiveness, efficiency, and program management.

Compliance Audits- These audits address issues relating to financial integrity, compliance with IFRS & ISA, and the safeguarding of assets.

Information Technology Audits- They address issues of security and application controls, and the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic data processing systems.

Management Consulting Services- These services are offered at the request of Management to address emerging issues in the competitive market.

Perks Of Using Accounts Supervise's Internal Audit Services

  • We strategize our audit method for the exact requirements of the client.
  • We implement our audit method according to the uppermost professional standards in accordance with the International Standards on Quality Control, Auditing, Review, and Other Assurance and Related Services.
  • We interact with our clients to recognize high-risk areas and find ways to control the prevailing risk.
  • We connect with our clients regularly and provide them with information to make effective business decisions.
  • We guarantee the competence of ongoing operations and preserve the financial records.
  • We make sure the precision and authenticity of past records of an organization and ensure that the operations are according to the set standards.
  • We set up internal control procedures.
  • We help minimize the control procedures to enhance the efficiency of each department.
  • We provide recommendations to overcome the bottlenecks.
  • We provide periodic reporting that helps the company monitor its performance, and can introduce new control procedures if necessary.

Internal Audit Services Provided By Accounts Supervise

The Accounts Supervise’s team recognizes that an effective internal audit service can make a very positive contribution to the management of risk and the smooth operation of the business. Accounts Supervise provides the following services in the Internal Audit to its clients:

Internal Audit Services Provided By Accounts Supervise

  • Risk Calculation: Accounts Supervise assists the management to identify and prioritize areas that require attention and audit focus.
  • Process Review And Documentation: We help the management get an understanding of the current processes and procedures, and recommend the best strategy to enhance the productivity and efficient utilization of resources.
  • Control Evaluation: We support the company to identify the trouble spots where the procedures and controls are not properly premeditated.
  • Testing Of Controls: We conduct tests of controls to confirm whether the controls are working as calculated.
  • Reporting: Our experts give comments and commendations to improve processes and controls.
  • Development Of Effective Internal Controls: We help the management develop effective internal controls that augment the controlled atmosphere.
  • Internal Control Environment: We provide advice to our clients on how to implement an effective and secured internal control environment.
  • Organization Of Fundamental Operational Risks: We offer advice on how to manage core operational risks, especially those related to the consistency of business operations.
  • Operational Strategies And Risk Performance: We assist with connecting operational strategies and risk performance measures to business goals.
  • Change Management And Business Awareness: Supporting with change management and business awareness processes, Accounts Supervise helps the clients make the evolution from existing practices to more efficient and focused approaches through training and assisting staff in the development of new skills.
  • Active Corporate Power: Our experts help you evaluate the key structures, dynamics, and processes required to reinforce operative corporate governance.

Why Choose Accounts Supervise For Internal Audits?

Accounts Supervise is popular as one of the best audit firms in Dubai with an excellent team packed with highly qualified professionals in the service of auditing & bookkeeping. Accounts Supervise helps you with setting up Internal Control Procedure, Organizational Hierarchy, and Segregation of duties and better Cashflow Management for your company adopting competent strategies. With the help of our experienced professionals from accounting and auditing backgrounds, the clients can make sure that their accounts are up to date as per the IFRS & ISA. They will also have accurate and up-to-date financial statements for future references. Other than Internal Audit Services in UAE, Accounts Supervise offers all other business-related services like CFO services, Internal & External Audit Services, Audit in Free Zone, VAT Return Filing Services, and many other services related to your business needs. You are welcome to contact us. Our experts will give you a one-hour free consultation on your queries on your business needs.


Frequently Asked Questions
Internal audit means a comprehensive analysis of a company’s accounts and financial statements. Conducting an internal audit is a very useful strategy to find out cost-cutting solutions that will help your company with the ever-tightening cash flow and financial crisis.
Yes, both are not the same. A detailed internal audit report is prepared for the company’s management team, while external audit reports are prepared for stakeholders and creditors. Plus, an internal audit observes risks for the company’s management team so that they can control their internal matters. On the other hand,an external audit looks at the whole financial position of a business.
Internal auditors assist you in making your company successful by offering a combination of assurance and consultancy services. The assurance part certainly notifies that the wellness of your business systems and procedures used to keep your business is satisfactory. Hence, the consultancy part suggests the best possible recommendations and solutions for your business to meet the upcoming challenges and overcome the problems.
We at Accounts Supervise usually take 1 to 2 weeks to conduct a comprehensive internal audit. Moreover, you can hire our internal audit services anytime when you need them, not only at the end of a financial year.