E-Trade License In Dubai Mainland Services

If you are planning to run an online business where you sell products through social media,an e-trade license is what you need. Whether you are running a small startup at home or working as an individual seller, an e-trade license can work wonders for you.

This license was introduced not just to curb the sale of fake goods and commodities. It helps in building trust among your customers. In a nutshell, to grow your online business and to make sure that your customers trust you, you should get an e-trade license right away.

Get Your E-Trade License With Accounts Supervise

If you want to pave your way to success and start a successful online business, get your e-trade license in Dubai Mainland right away. At Account Supervise, we provide professional assistance in UAE to help businesses and individuals get their e-trade licenses without going through any hassle.

What makes us different from other such service providers is the fact that we answer all the queries of our customers and provide affordable services that you won’t find anywhere else. From guiding you through the process step by step to helping you with all the paperwork and formalities, we will cover it all for you. Once you hire us for your e-trade license, you can then sit back and relax whereas our experts will handle your license application process.

Who Should Apply For An E-Trade License?

  • If you are one of the home business endeavors or an individual who wants to sell products or services online through a website or social media platforms, you need to apply for an e-trade license.
  • If you are using a valid social media account to run an online business, whether you are a home-based mother or an individual, you do require an e-trade license in Dubai.
  • An E-trade license is required for all individuals who are using an ecommerce website to sell their goods and commodities.
  • The applicant should be residing in Dubai and should be over the age of 21 to get this license.

What Are The Benefits Of an E-Trader License In Dubai?

If you want to legally sell your products or services through any online platform, an e-trader license is a must-have for you as it comes with several benefits.

  • With this license, you can build a strong customer base that trusts you and your products. It basically will help you instill confidence among your buyers and also enjoy trouble and hassle-free online sales.
  • With the license, you will have the legal authority you need to promote your goods or sell them via an online platform.
  • Home-based entrepreneurs can easily take part in different exhibitions and shows where they can showcase their products and increase their customer base.
  • Most importantly with an e-trader license, you will be able to safeguard your intellectual property and your trade name.

How To Apply For E Trader License In Dubai, UAE?

If you want to apply for your e-trader license in Dubai, the process is quite simple. You first have to register yourself on the DED trader website.

For this, you have to head to the official DED website and then make an account there. Once it is done, you have to mention the social media platforms via which you are conducting your business and then pay the registration fee.

You have to renew the license on an annual basis. If you want any assistance in this process, Accounts Supervise will help you through it. Our experts have been helping several individuals in getting their e-trade license in Dubai Mainland, and we can do the same for you.

With us, you won’t have to worry about the renewal process and not even the registration process. Just opt for our services and you will have your e-trade license as quickly as possible. We assure you to provide quality services that are extremely affordable.


Frequently Asked Questions
The trade license is suitable for all people who are running an online business at home. It is also for newbies who want to experiment with their new business ideas and for those who want to use their free time to set up an online business.

Yes, it is easy to get your e-trade license in Dubai, especially if you opt for Accounts Supervise services. We can assist you in this process and help you get your license in the shortest possible time.

With an e-trade license, you can legally sell your products and commodities online, using whichever platform you want. It also will help you boost the confidence of your customers and make them trust you more.